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The group of teachers from the USA explored IPRC WEST

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Thursday, the 13th July, 2017 the group of twelve teachers from the USA in the purpose of learning about Rwanda in the context of education, economic development, culture, environment, history, reconciliation and national identity visited IPRC WEST.

This group visited the whole IPRC WEST particularly Hospitality centre in which they were showed launderette, rooms, kitchen etc. which serve for teaching basis in Hospitality Department at IPRC WEST.


 The exploring outcome will help in developing curriculum materials of the USA schools as well as African schools. Dr. Carol WEST, The professor of English at Hendrix College who was among the group of teachers said “My group is made of twelve teachers from primary and secondary schools in the USA mostly from Texas and Arkansas, we have funding from the USA program of education, so they sent us to spend five weeks in Rwanda. We want to learn about Rwanda in the context of education, economic development, culture, environment, history, reconciliation and national identity so those focuses we hope will enable us to develop curriculum materials for the USA schools and this will be taught in public schools and be posted online that Rwandan teachers can access them too.”

 This group chose Rwanda country because they consider it as the role model of the World. “We chose Rwanda because you are the remarkable country. Tragic things have happened here but you have done the amazing job for rebuilding and creating national identity that pushing you to the future in mostly positive way, so you are the role model of the World I think.” Said Dr. Carol WEST.

When asked why they focused on primary and secondary schools they said most of them are secondary teachers and they chose those teachers because they want to develop curriculum for these levels of schools, also because it is the requirement of the USA Government as it specifies the teachers’ needs for these levels. They are visiting different schools both technical and general studies schools as they want to have the general view of education in Rwanda.

Before visiting Rwanda, this group has been in Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Cameroun and Gambia with the same mission of creating curriculum that improves the teaching of Africa in public schools of the USA.

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