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Technical Secondary School (TSS) students of IPRC WEST have graduated in Digital Opportunity Trust in Rwanda (DOT Rwanda)

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On this day the 27th June, 2017, 38 students of Technical Secondary School in IPRC WEST together with other 24 youths from outside the Institution who were being trained for two weeks in the IPRC WEST Career Center by Digital Opportunity Trust (Dot. Rwanda) in partnership with IPRC WEST have graduated.


Aimée Noélla AKAYEZU, the Enterprise Program Support Officer in Dot Rwanda has told the graduates to use skills they gained from trainings and train others as well as invite them to come for trainings. “You were trained about business creation, self confidence etc. It is your responsibility to use that proficiency in your real life. You do not need much money to start your own businesses, even one thousand can run a business, so one who will have money however few it will be I will be available to support him/her." She has said.


Before offering certificates to trainees, Jean Claude NDAYAMBAJE, the Empowerment and Employment Management in Dot Rwanda has explained the excellence of them. He has said “You have to know deeply the contents of this certificate so that you can clearly explain to your comrades. This certificate certifies that your confidence has increased, your ability to clarify your own businesses, your professionalism, lifelong planning [which means that from now on you are capable to deduce solutions from challenges], and employment readiness meaning that you are ready to excellently perform whatever employment you can find.” 


Ildéphonse HABIYAMBERE, the Director of TSS and VTC who has represented IPRC WEST has congratulated graduates for their achievements saying that certificate is the document of a great importance and very useful, the reason they have to continue attending other trainings whenever they get opportunity. He has said “Nowadays, everything requires experiences and professionalism, today you have added the valuable document to your CVs. Thank you for realizing the efficiency of these trainings."


On the side of graduates, they assert that they gained many things from the trainings. Claudine UWINEZA, the one young lady of trainees who resides in Bubazi cell of Bwishyura Sector in Karongi District she has said “We have learnt many things in these trainings like job creation, using a computer, self confidence, knowledge sharing, team working etc. I am not a student but I help my parents in commerce business, and before coming here in trainings I did not have any idea of the business I can run but thanks to skills I gained here, I have the business idea of becoming garments seller.”


Another graduate is Gilbert TUYIZERE, who is the student in level 5 Construction in Technical Secondary School (TSS) at IPRC WEST. For him the main lesson he got from the trainings is saving. He has said “We were trained about many things but what has really left in my mind more than other courses is saving. Thanks to these trainings, I realized that I can save even from my pocket money and find the capital to start a business. It is in this view I started saving and I have the idea of breeding rabbits when I end up my studies."




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