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The visit of the Minister of Youth and ICT in IPRC WEST

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This day the 24th June, 2017, after Umuganda Monthly community work, the Minister of youth and ICT has visited IPRC WEST where he has met primary school children who are being trained about ICT skills, and he has a talk to the youth who study in Technical Secondary School (TSS) at IPRC WEST.


 Having arrived in IPRC WEST, the Minister of Youth and ICT with the Mayor of Karongi District, the Principal of IPRC WEST and others have firstly headed to ICT lab in which children are being trained. The Principal introduced children to the Minister, he said “These are children from three primary schools in which they do not have access to computers and network because in their schools there are only two computers. This hindrance to ICT skills of them made us have the idea to assist them by providing to them ICT trainings as here we have enough computers and network to utilize.” He has added that they have in plan to widen their training program that they can train other people who have not ICT skills, and this aims at promoting technological development. The fact that there are still primary schools which do not have computers has choked all leaders who were there as elsewhere such as in different sectors are computers which have never been used.

One group from the children in trainings has presented their own website to the Minister of Youth and ICT. This website of them can help in the citizen’s security which simply means that one who meets security problem or remarks someone abusing security, he/she can report this via short message to their website.

From ICT lab, they have met Technical Secondary School (TSS) students in the hall where they were warmly welcomed by the high clap of students with the Director of Administration and Human Resources, the MC of the day.


 In his welcoming speech, the Principal of IPRC WEST has firstly thanked the Minister to have come to give pieces of advice to the youth. He has continued with presenting other leaders like the Mayor of Karongi District etc. Along his speech, he have introduced courses that are provided to Technical Secondary School students, he said “Dear Minister, these students are in four options namely construction, motor vehicle mechanics, general mechanics and electricity, but at university level we have hospitality and Information and Technology (IT). All of these fields have a connection with ICT. For example, in Motor vehicle mechanics we have the machine that detects every problem/malfunction of a car within a short time while it would take many days in recent time.” He has also told students that the efficiency of technical studies is that ones who attend them do not seek the job but they become self employers. He said “We have examples of various people who ended their studies in fields which are out of techniques, and after a long time without a job they decided to come here for only three months trainings and they find well paid jobs."


 The Principal of IPRCWEST

The Mayor of Karongi District has thanked the Minister for visiting Karongi at large, and he has congratulated IPRC WEST for being one of Institutions that have high achievements in the country. He has added that he appreciates that all students of IPRC WEST are much disciplined. He has promised students that one who will have a problem, they will help him/her as they can once he/she asks. This has started being put into actions as he said that the District will help one lady who has the problem of obtaining school fee. He said “We will pay school fee for that lady up to the end of her studies here and if there are other supports she wants we will help her.”


 The Mayor of Karongi District

After the speech of the Mayor of Karongi District, the Minister of Youth and ICT has talked to students. He has told them the formula for realizing their dreams. He said “The formula for becoming successful is found in an acronym of six letters OSCARS which are Opportunity, Skills, Creativity, Attitude, Resources and Supports. We are surrounded by opportunities from our home to international level.” Among opportunities that are found in Karongi District which are examples of students are Kivu Lake and Karongi-Rubavu road on which students said that they can build the garage for vehicle mechanics.

The Minister continued telling students that skills are needed to uncover opportunities they have because though opportunities surround us, few discover them. He has emphasized attitude saying that it is an above all criteria because whatever we do depends on our mindset. Views from students have augmented when the point of resources was introduced. The Minister has promised to support two students who own small businesses, one boy who fabricates welding machines and one lady who sells MTN, Tigo and Airtel airtimes, but she wants to do electricity selling.

The Minister has been very delighted by enormous skills, thoughts etc. of these students compared to their ages. He has told them to keep up with that and share with others so that at his return to IPRC WEST he will find all people in surroundings benefiting from creativity, innovation and achievements of IPRC WEST students.


 Jean Philbert NSENGIMANA, the Minister of Youth and ICT talking to the students


Remembrance picture in the hall


 The Minister, Mayor, Principal and DHR with the students who own small businesses 

This visiting has taken place after Umuganda Monthly community work in which IPRC WEST employees and students has joined Army forces and population at Gasura sell in Bwishura sector to dig the trench for placing water hoses.



 At Umuganda, IPRC WEST employees were very proud of using all their strengths, which manifests their patriotism.



 Togetherness made their chore very easy and fast.


They took a short rest after a hard work.

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