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The students of IPRC WEST in Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) urge ladies in TVET to be ambitious

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Since Government of Rwanda concentrated on Technical and Vocational Education and Training to enhance competitiveness and employability, a good number of students both boys and girls engaged in Technical studies. On contrary, it has been remarked that at college level the number [particularly female] decreases compared to secondary level. Students of EEE Department gave their perspectives about this issue.

Students of EEE were in the practical examination in which they were installing a motor to run in forward & reverse directions. 


Students in practical examination


The Instructor marking students

Being asked the importance of this practice on their real life; students answered “This motor installation is very helpful because motors are used in various enterprises, machines and even cars. We can use this motor for example, when we want to fabricate a machine that delivers and brings back objects.”

Numbers in secondary school examination results of year 2016 in comparison to numbers of graduates of IPRCs, clearly show the reduction of female who arrive at Advanced Diploma level. According to secondary school National examinations results of 2016, amongst candidates who sat for an examination, 55,47% were male and 44, 53% female. Amid 88, 41% who got Advanced Certificate of Education, therein 90% male and 86% female, these numbers authenticate that there is not an enormous difference between male and female who attend TVET at secondary level.

Referring to numbers of graduates in different Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centers, the number of students who are admitted to do Advanced Diploma in Technical studies is still low especially for female. In IPRC EAST graduation of the 21st February, 2017, amongst one hundred and sixty-one (161) graduates were twelve (12) female only meaning that male were one hundred and forty-nine (149). In IPRC Kigali graduation on 9th February, 2017, female were 17% of 66 graduates. On the side of IPRC WEST first graduation of the 1st April, 2017, among one hundred and twenty-three graduates (123), female were 10.6%.

Students of EEE Department in IPRC WEST said that there is a great difference between the number of girls who attended Technical studies in secondary school and university.

NDAYISHIMIYE Eric, one student in level 2 Electrical Technology said “We are astonished by the difference in numbers here at the college because when we were in technical secondary school, boys and girls were about equal. The truth is that though girls attend techniques in secondary school, they still consider themselves as not competitive as boys, which causes them not to put all their efforts in what they learn consequently, majority of them fail to get relevant marks to attend college. What I can tell them is to change their pessimistic mindset because they are capable. For instance, in our class among 45 students, girls are 6 but about performance, they are more competitive than us. So where there is a will, there is a way.”


NDAYISHIMIYE Eric, the student in EEE

NYIRAKAMANA Odette, one of girls who study in level 2 Electronical Technology said “Girls are still few in techniques at University because people still think that technical studies are for men, and girls who dare to engage in techniques still underestimate themselves thinking they are not capable as boys. Another fact is that they do not perceive the significance of Technical studies as result they do not fully concentrate. Odette continued saying that if girls worked greatly, they would obtain marks enabling them to go to university. She said “In secondary school we were five girls in our class, and we all got University admission marks because we worked with all our efforts. Though we were in class of girls and boys, each and every one practiced on her/his own so this motivated all of us to do all our best to succeed. Fellow ladies in TVET should be ambitious because techniques are very advantageous.”


NYIRAKAMANA Odette, the student in EEE

The Head of Electrical Engineering Department NIYOYITA Aimable inspirits everyone to enroll in technical studies as both male and female are qualified to do so. He said “What we teach is not limited to some people; both boys and girls are able to learn successfully, and perform highly on the labor market. We have evidences on students who graduated in this domain. When they end their studies here, they become the very competent workers including girls.” 


NIYOYITA Aimable, the Head of EEE Department

IPRC WEST contributes to encouraging girls to grow with techniques as passion. This is done by providing practice to secondary school students because in their schools they do not have materials and equipments for practical courses. It is in this view that students who study Math, Physics and Computer sciences (MPC) at College Sainte Marie have come in IPRC WEST to do practice of domestic installation in series and parallel, the course in Physics. The teacher who accompanied them said “ In our school, students learn theories only because we have not equipments for practice so that is the reason we have brought them here to practice what they have been learning theoretically.”

NGARAMBE Sonia, a student in senior 4 MPC said that she very likes this course that she will continue with it at University. She added that along today’s lesson she has gained that parallel installation is more powerful than series installation.


Students from Saint Marie in practice with The Instructor in EEE department


Students, their teacher and Instructors in EEE department after practice




Students of EEE in practical exam


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